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A Fine Mess

12 May

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now with things that I “need to do.”  I swear there just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes.  Case in point: the backyard.  I went outside yesterday and was really amazed at how bad our backyard looks.  The grass needs to be mowed.  There are weeds popping up everywhere.  I desperately want a garden and time is ticking away to get that going.  And the worst eyesore?

Um, yeah…If you will recall from one of my first posts to this blog, there was an above ground swimming pool in the backyard when we bought our home.  We had it removed right away, but what remained was a large circular sand pit with a ring of rocks.  We tried to just “go with it ” for the past few years and use it as a fire pit.  Gradually the weeds have taken over and now it looks really messy and Podunk.  It takes up most of the backyard and is making it difficult for me to find a proper place for the garden.  I think it needs to go.  The biggest problem is that all of those rocks are really difficult to remove.  They are entwined in weeds, sand, and dirt.  I reasoned that if I can devote 1 hour a day towards rock removal, I might be able to get them all out over 2 weeks.

I didn’t make much progress yesterday.  It takes quite awhile because I have to dig down into the dirt and sand and pick all the rocks out.  I really need to find something that I can use for sifting.  That would help quite a bit.

Today I did a bit better.  Go me!  Ideally I would like to remove all of the grass from the backyard and just have raised beds with gravel and paving stones, similar to this:

Isn’t that sexy?  I like everything about this photo.  I think I need to get planning (or at least back to shoveling rocks!).