Nice Clean Edges

29 Apr

I am pretty obsessive about painting.  I love painting.  I love doing a really nice job with my painting.  I am super proud of my awesome painting skills.  I can’t stand looking at a bad paint job.  Which brings me to the point…

Some person in the past did a pretty crappy job of painting the ceiling in our living room/dining room area.  In fact, I think they got more paint on the wood trim and paneling then they actually got on the ceiling.  One of the first things that I did after we purchased our home was to come in and put a nice new coat of “ceiling white” over the semi-glossy tobacco stained yuck.  I always meant to get back to doing something about sprucing up the trim and paneling, but other projects took precedent.  Well, today was the day that I finally did something about that nasty looking trim.

See?  I somehow managed to ignore that for 4 1/2 years (it looked like that all the way around the room and on the center beam).  The Boy had talked about taking the trim down and refinishing it at one point, but I had a much easier solution – craft paint.  Yeah, you know that stuff you can buy for $0.99 at any craft or fabric store?  It’s my go-to solution for many unsightly problems.

Find a paint color that matches, get a small angled brush, and go at it.  Easy peasy.

This beam runs down the center of the room.  Here’s another angle (sorry about the poor photo quality – my camera seems to like close-ups lately and gets a bit grainy from a distance – still trying to figure out why…):

And after I did my handy touch ups:

All gone!  The brown craft paint blends in so perfectly that you can’t tell there was ever white paint on the beam.  It is a fast, easy, affordable solution for fixing paint boo-boos.


One Response to “Nice Clean Edges”

  1. Stacey@agoodehouse April 30, 2012 at 10:33 PM #

    You’re my kind of girl! I HATE sloppy paint jobs and I’m a perfectionist when it comes to “cutting in”. Those small little details can make or break a room. You are so awesome to match it with paint. Great idea!

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