Kitchen: Part 2

15 Mar

We really wanted to get our kitchen renovated right away when we purchased the house.  We tried to talk our contractor into making it part of the work that he did, but since we had a limited budget, he urged us towards spending that money towards other things that would make the house more livable and useful.  I think that he was correct in his guidance in that the kitchen was useable, but just ugly. We lived with the kitchen the way it was for 2 years.  One night after dinner and an extra glass of wine, The Boy and I were standing in the kitchen contemplating how much we could do on a budget.  The next thing you know, we were removing cabinets.  We hadn’t planned it, but somehow we started it.

If you recall from my last post, the kitchen started off looking like this:

I then started to remove the MANY layers of wallpaper and paint and more wallpaper, plus more paint.  I think that there was 3 layers of wallpaper sandwiched between at least another 4 coats of paint.  After lots of scraping and steaming (with a clothing steamer-hey, I use what I have, okay?) things were looking like this:

I think it is interesting how remodeling projects often look a whole lot worse before they get better.  When we first started the kitchen project, we had planned to paint the walls and cabinets, rearrange the cabinet layout a bit, and redo the floors.  Boom.  Done.  Or else that should have been how it went.  As we got into the project, we started adding things like…skylights.  We had our contractor put one in our bathroom and we had always wished for one in the kitchen.  It takes a certain kind of madness to cut holes in the roof when you have no experience with that sort of thing.  I am not sure what state of mind The Boy was in when he said, “Alright, let’s put in skylights,” but I am certainly glad we did.

I am not sure  how a professional installer would go about this task, but first we figured out the placement of the skylights and cut out the holes from the inside (notice how dark and gloomy the kitchen is even with the light on).

Then we got up on the roof and cut the hole on the exterior.

I forgot to mention that the day we decided to do this, the temperature was in the 90’s.  Imagine working up on the roof, in the sun, in those kinds of temperatures.  For a time, I just stood over The Boy with our beach umbrella trying to create some shade for him.  I am sure that was a sight to see!  In the above shot, you can also see the skylight that our contractor installed in the bathroom.

Let there be light!  It is absolutely amazing how much light we get in our kitchen from the addition of the skylights.  We were very thorough with putting them in correct and sealing them properly.  We have been through 2 winters with the skylights and no leaks or problems.


2 Responses to “Kitchen: Part 2”

  1. Mary Owen March 20, 2012 at 3:55 PM #

    Where are the pics of the finished kitchen?!?

    • millerbeachmodern March 21, 2012 at 10:26 AM #

      I’m getting there! The weather has been so freakin’ awesome that it is difficult for me to sit in a dark room and spend time posting to the blog.

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