Kitchen: Part 1

9 Mar

Our kitchen has been the biggest project and challenge that we have faced in our home renovation.  It is such a big project that I cannot possibly give you the whole story in one post, so we are going to have to unveil this in pieces.  Here is what we started with when we purchased the house:

Are you digging the cheap Home Depot cabinets?  I know you are!  Here is another shot:

I love to cook and this wasn’t exactly my version of a dream kitchen.  Granted, there was decent counter space, but the kitchen itself was incredibly uninspiring.  It was quite quirky…the sink faucet was hooked up backwards (the hot & cold were switched), the base cabinets weren’t attached to the walls, the dishwasher had never been hooked up, the microwave was broken (which wasn’t a big deal since we never use a microwave and did not include one in our remodel, but still…), the floor tile was cracking everywhere, and many of the cabinet drawers were broken.

Ew.  We got rid of this stove right away.  I can’t quite remember why–I think it wasn’t working properly.  Or maybe I just didn’t want to deal with the crusty food stains by the burners?

Almond refrigerator.  Blech.  It smelled REALLY bad inside.  If you recall from an earlier post on the carport, we dragged this outside right away, put it under the carport, and came back the next day to find it gone.  While I did not mourn the missing refrigerator, I will always wonder if someone took it to put in their house, or if one of the metal guys swiped it to sell.  Either way, we were going to ditch it, so I guess it really doesn’t matter.

The kitchen became our “catch all” space during the initial renovation of the house.  Yes, that is a case of Old Style Light on the counter.  I think it belonged to our contractor (The Boy used to occasionally drink Old Style,but never the Light version-don’t be getting judgey on us!).

Our house smelled really bad when we bought it.  It was in an estate and had not been lived in for some time.  The basement had standing water, which created a moldy smell.  Air freshener was a good friend of ours for the first couple of months.  I will be back with the next part of the kitchen saga soon.


2 Responses to “Kitchen: Part 1”

  1. eric dean spruth ma, atr March 9, 2012 at 10:59 PM #

    the very best to your work to come… sara, drake von, isis violet and I turned our kithen into Halloween Cafe:)

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