Beach Views

6 Mar

Ok, so when it comes right down to it, I think the breakdown on why I was so drawn to buy a home in Miller Beach looks like this:

  • 45% affordable mid-century homes
  • 45% proximity to the beach
  • 10% lots of interesting, artistic, quirky, fun-loving people

Today was another marvelously warm and sunny day.  The Lu and I walked up to the beach.  The beach!  I am sort of amazed that it has taken me this long to do a proper posting on the beach.  I think that it is probably the main reason that people choose to live here.  I am very fortunate that I can walk to the beach in under 5 minutes.

Miss Bettie Lu leads the way up the dune.  And what is on the other side of the dune?

Paradise.  I grew up 40 minutes from this amazing beauty and never realized how close and remarkable it is.  It’s really kind of like an ocean, but freshwater of course.  When the water is choppy, I like to listen at night to the lake roaring in the distance.  It sounds like a busy interstate highway, but in a good way.

On a clear day, one can see the Chicago skyline across the lake to the West.  Geographically, Miller Beach is great because I can drive to the city in about 45 minutes or hop on the South Shore Train (which has a stop right in town) if I don’t feel like driving.

While I feel very fortunate to live a short walking distance from the beach, I also think it would be amazing to one day own a home FACING the beach.

Most of the houses facing the beach have very large windows for optimal lake views.  I love the variation in styles of homes by the beach: mid-century modern (of course!), contemporary, ultra-modern, prairie style, bungalows, cottages, and jut about everything in between.  It sure beats the beige, taupe, grey, and tan McMansions that are so ubiquitous just about everywhere else in Northwest Indiana.

Teenagers wearing shorts and flip flops and hanging out on the beach.  In March.  Awesome.

I happened upon this sight while walking down the beach.  I think this lake gull carcass looks beautiful in a weird sort of way…peaceful and angelic and solitary buried in the sand with the sun cast upon it.  I just stood and gazed at it for a time.  Hope you don’t think I am morbid now!



2 Responses to “Beach Views”

  1. Carl Olson March 8, 2012 at 9:49 PM #

    There is definite beauty in decay. I love the looks of old, falling-down barns and houses. I was particularly intrigued by the rust of the decaying bridges while taking the Chicago River architectural tour a couple of years ago. Rotting cars and trucks in fields provide another view into the past.

    I do love spending time at the beach! Miller is a favorite stop while on a quick motorcycle ride.

  2. Carl Olson March 8, 2012 at 10:33 PM #

    Hmmm, angel wings.

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