Cat on a Hot Flat Roof & Other Scenes From an Unseasonably Warm Day

2 Mar

The weather in Northwest Indiana has been unusually warm lately.  The trees are budding out and I have herbs and spring flowers shooting up all over my yard.  Wednesday was particularly warm, so I grabbed my camera and took The Lu for an extra long walk.  Along the way I saw:

This cat was sitting up on the roof of this carport watching us walk by.  It looked perfectly content being up there, so snapped a shot and kept right on walking.

Ah, decorative concrete blocks in the sunshine.  These are used as part of the carport in another Hoosier Home down the street from ours.  I have concrete block envy.  While many residences in Miller are lucky enough to have these, ours is not one of them.  Sigh.

Buds!  I don’t recall ever seeing the trees budding this early in the year.  I am not a winter person, so little signs of spring make me super happy.  I’ll be back later today with another post on a small home project that I just completed.



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