Mary’s Peachy Pink Bathroom

26 Feb

I swear that sometimes people must think I am crazy.  The first time I was invited over to my friend Mary’ place (who lives in Miller Beach as well), I stood in her bathroom for probably 5 minutes staring at, complimenting, touching, and telling her how lucky she is to have such fabulous original pink tile in her bathroom.  I adore pink bathrooms!  And blue, green, pale purple, and yellow too for that matter.  Mary’s apartment house is wonderfully original…silvery-white cracked ice Formica countertops with metal edging in the kitchen, birch paneling in the living room, single pane aluminum windows, and of course, the bathroom:

These bathrooms were made to last.  Though it probably dates to somewhere between 1952-1954, the tile in this bathroom is in AMAZING condition.  It is a sad fact that many people do not appreciate these types of bathrooms and often rip them out (even though they are in good condition) just to replace them with something trendy that doesn’t quite fit with the original style of the home and will most likely looked dated in 10 years and need to be “updated” once again.  If the bathrooms in my house had not been brutalized by updates over the years, I most certainly would have kept whatever was there originally.

The floor!  This is my favorite pattern of mid century floor tile.  I really wanted this pattern for our bathroom when we were redoing ours, but at the time, I could not find it (it is now being manufactured by Daltile in a pattern called “Random”).

This tile is about 60 years old and still shiny and pretty.  I also really like that there are black accent borders plus built-in ceramic towel bars, toilet paper holder, and soap dishes in black.

Built-in chrome medicine cabinet with side lights…

Close-up shot of one of the soap dishes (actually, I think this one might be a glass holder as it does not have the ridges on the bottom for water drainage like the other one does).

Pam Keuber (of “Retro Renovation” blog fame) has a side blog called “Save the Pink Bathrooms.”  It’s chock-full of history and pink bathroom love from people all over the county committed to living with and loving their pink bathrooms.  I love your pink bathroom Mary!  Thanks for letting this crazy gal in to shoot some pics and share the love.


2 Responses to “Mary’s Peachy Pink Bathroom”

  1. tyromaniac March 9, 2012 at 12:47 PM #

    Mary must be very effecient -her bathroom looks so prepped for the morning routine. Nice tiles indeed.

  2. Veronika R. February 9, 2015 at 11:38 AM #

    Holy moly! We have that exact same medicine cabinet, sink (ours has built in chrome towel bars on either side and legs) and floor tile pattern in our bathroom (tiles are gray with random small tiles in burgundy). I had no idea our floor was original, our house is a small brick cape cod, built in 1952. I think the wall tiles have been replaced, they are very large dark gray glass tiles, and the upper border is burgundy, but the glass and soap holders and toilet paper holder are all original, as are the tub and toilet. The bathroom was one of the things that made us want the house! Now I’m going to love the floor tile even more! I sometimes wish the tiles overall were black and white, because the gray and burgundy is kind of dark and limits the color scheme, but we use white towels to brighten up the look. The wall above the tiles is pale gray. We replaced the sconces (not working) and towel bars which were cheapo with sconces and bars from restoration hardware that actually match the shape of the attached towel bars on the sink, and look like they could be original.

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