Lamp Rewire

21 Feb

We like to bring home a lot of “old stuff” around here.  When living with “old stuff”, one must acquire certain skills.  Like how to rewire lamps and light fixtures.

Case in point–we have a pair of these lamps that live in the kitchen.  I have been meaning to rewire these and finally got around to it today.

As you can see, the cord is old and kind of brittle.  Rewiring is pretty simple.  I popped off the brass covering around the socket to expose the old connection.

Then I unscrewed the screws and pulled the old cord out.  Inset new cord and cut to size (the cord that I bought was 8′ long, but I customized it to it’s location and cut the cord to be about 12 inches-it sits right next to the outlet).

Having these handy-dandy wire snipper thingies makes pulling the plastic off of the cord to expose the bare wire super easy.  Then I made an “underwriters” knot and wrapped the bare wire ends back around the screws (the ribbed side goes around the silver screw) and screwed the screws back in.  All I had to do then was snap the socket cover back on and put in a light bulb.

Done!  I think it took me all of 10 minutes to rewire the pair.  And yes, that is a sneaky peek into our kitchen.  Expect to see many posts in the future about the full remodel-it has been the biggest redo in our home so far and will take me some time to show everything that we did.


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