Garage Back to Carport

18 Feb

If you will recall from a past post on our house,  a previous owner had turned the original carport into a garage.  It looked like this:

The whole left side of the garage was sided with INTERIOR paneling and then painted.  Obviously this wasn’t made to withstand the elements and was quite rotted, especially at the bottom.  The garage door wasn’t working either when we bought the house.  Even worse was that in order to get into the house, one first had to open the door next to the garage, and then open the storm door that was over the regular front door. It was quite a task getting into the house with an arm full of groceries.  Not to mention the condition of the inside of the garage itself:

Can you say “animal feces?’  I think there was a raccoon or opossum or something living in the garage for some time because I had to clean up quite a few piles of petrified poop.  It has been quite common for Hoosier Home owners to convert their carports into garages or screened-in patios or to to make it part of the interior as a bonus room over the years.  Some conversions are more successful than others.  I will detail this phenomenon in greater depth in the future, but suffice it to say that we did not like our conversion and wanted to bring it back to it’s original carport loveliness.  In the first month that we owned the home, The Boy and his Dad ripped out the major garage elements and opened it back up to look like this:

A couple of weeks after closing on the house we had one of those big dumpsters brought over and put on our driveway.  It was November and cold, but we still managed to fill that sucker up with the remnants of the garage, the bathroom, and the family room (more on that to come…).  You see that refrigerator?  It smelled really bad inside and I refused to use it, so we put it in the carport right where you see it.  When we came back to work on the house the next day, it was gone!  We were going to get rid of it anyway, but sheesh!

Our house was originally sided in redwood.  It was later painted red, then grey-blue, then smurf blue.  These are the carport supports that were uncovered after the demo on the garage.  The bases were pretty rotted and needed to be reconstructed.

The Boy had to completely rebuild the south support.  The one on the north side wasn’t as bad and only needed about a 50% replacement of wood.  We like to joke that if a tornado rolled over our house, the carport supports would still be standing.  The Boy doesn’t mess around when it comes to building.  If it requires 5 nails, you can bet he will put in 10.

Instead of keeping the smaller double windows in the supports, we opted to go with a single, longer variation.  We have seen this on other Hoosier Homes in the area and believe it to be one of the original design options.

Done!  New gutters, downspouts, and paint.  During the summer we like to put down some astroturf and party in the carport.  It is good.


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  1. eightyfivemab February 28, 2012 at 8:25 AM #

    Love it! Great blog!

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