The Bathroom

15 Feb

The bathroom in our house was the first thing finished in our home renovation.  It was our design, but we had a contractor do the work-which was both good and bad.  Positive: He got the job done quick.  The Boy did all of the demo on the bathroom when I was at work one day and the contractor stepped right in and did all the plumbing, tile, and installation.  Negative: Little things like uneven grout lines and poor caulking.  It would have taken us 10 times as long to complete, but when The Boy and I do something, we do it right.

Here is what the bathroom looked like before:

Dark.  Dirty.  Why yes, that is hot pink carpeting on the floor!  I had really thought about trying to keep the original tub, but it had to be pulled out anyway to replace the water damaged subfloor.  Plus I would have liked to find a (functional) matching toilet and sink if I was going to keep the tub, but that would have taken some time and we needed to get things taken care of a.s.a.p. so we could move in.

During the demolition phase:

Shower doors are off and pink carpet is pulled up to reveal equally gorgeous vinyl flooring.

Love that country paneling!  Interesting to note:  After the paneling was pulled off and the toilet pulled out, we found a couple of remaining remnants of a mint green plastic 4″ x 4″ tile that was on the wall behind the toilet.  We can only assume that this is what was originally on the walls in the bathroom.

Here’s an interesting tidbit–do you see that tub surround above?  A previous owner put it OVER the window that was originally there.  Just covered it right up.  It is just of the many funky things that we uncovered while doing demolition around the house.

Even though the bathroom has cathedral ceilings, someone along the way chose to install a drop ceiling with an industrial/garage type fluorescent light.  This picture is after  The Boy took out the ceiling, but before the paneling came down.  The entire main floor of our house (including the bathroom) has cathedral ceilings.  Why anyone would want to put a drop ceiling in and cover that up is beyond me.

And now the afters:

I wanted to strike a balance between mid century and something more modern.  I picked 4″ x 4″ tile because it was very common in 1950’s bathrooms.  The aqua color is very mid century as well, but the addition of chocolate brown gives it a modern edge (at least I think so!).

The formica countertop has a boomerang pattern.  We contrasted that with a modern vessel sink.  I really like the vessel sink because I don’t have to bend over so far to wash my face plus it gives us more counter space than a traditional sink would have.

The wall and sink cabinets are from Ikea.  The Boy and I spend what seemed like hours trying to decide on the right toilet.  We had been waffling about it and the contractor needed to know our choice, so in the end I told the boy to JUST PICK SOMETHING DAMMIT!  He went with this one because of the retro looking flush knob and it’s ability to supposedly flush a bucket of tennis balls.

The best decision we made was having the contractor put in a skylight.  As you can tell from the before shot, the bathroom was very dark.  Now we never turn on the lights in the bathroom during the day. On sunny days it is particularly bright and cheery and the light from the skylight floods the hallway as well.  And that is all I have to say about that!


3 Responses to “The Bathroom”

  1. Mary August 1, 2012 at 8:54 PM #

    I saw your tile photo on Pam’s site…nice colors! That was a huge job! I am really interested in is your glass block window with the vent. Where did you get it? Any other info will be appreciated. Thanks, Mary

    • millerbeachmodern August 3, 2012 at 11:57 AM #

      Mary, it came from a company called Hardy Glass Block located in Illinois. Here is their website:

      • Mary August 4, 2012 at 9:25 AM #

        Thank you very much! I will check that place out. Hope my remodel turns out as nice as yours.

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