The Smurf House

14 Feb

I read many blogs about retro home renovations and most post progress on their projects as they go along.  Well, since our house has been a work in progress for 4 years already, I have quite a bit to catch you all up on.  So, to the beginning I go…

In my last post I mentioned that the push that really go me going was finally contacting Miller Beach real estate agent extraordinaire, Mr. Gene Ayers.  He’s quite the man about town.  When I mentioned to him that I was looking for a Hoosier Home, he took me on a tour of 3 that were for sale.  Of the 3 that I looked at, 2 had quite a bit of “updating” (my least favorite word in regards to mid century homes).  The 3rd had been vacant for some time, had water in the basement, smelled like mildew, and had icky stained carpeting in every room (including the bathroom and shed).  But, the original paneling was intact in the living/dining room area, as were the pocket doors, and the basic structure hadn’t been changed that much.  And the price was right.  Sold!

I now present to you our house as we bought it:

Super sexy, right?  I am sure you can see the appeal.  But wait, there’s more!

"Watch out Gene, there's a crazy opossum living in that shed!"

Yes, my friends, those are shingles hanging off the top of the shed.  It also included an above ground pool that took up most of the back yard (why someone would want a pool when the beach is only a few blocks away is beyond me).  A really great part about living in Miller is that if you need to get rid of anything metal, there is always someone to pick it up pretty quick.  We had put some stuff by the curb and this guy shows up with a pickup truck to get it in like, 10 minutes!  When we told him about the pool, he came back the next morning and dismantled it himself.  When we showed up that afternoon, all that was left was the plastic liner and a big sand pit.

Gene and my Dad assess the situation

Ok, so you get the idea on what we were working with.  But I had a vision-I could see that this house had potential.  A demolition here, a little paint there, and you get:

Ta-daaaaaaa!!!  Sort of.  We still have landscaping to do and some other projects in the works, but doesn’t it look much happier?  Converting the garage back to a carport was one of the first and best things that we did.  It shelters the cars in the winter, but is great to use for parties and outdoor dining in the summer.

We worked on the exterior in stages.  I love the contrast in this shot from when we were halfway done on the back of the house.  The shed was rotted and beyond salvaging, so we tore it down.  The boy did a lovely job of replacing all of the missing board and batten pieces.  I did all of the painting.  In fact, I spent the ENTIRE first summer that we were in the house painting the exterior.

So there you have it.  I have many more projects to post about, so stay tuned.


2 Responses to “The Smurf House”

  1. Tracey February 15, 2012 at 8:34 PM #

    That looks great! And I love the way you did your house numbers! We’re here in Miller Beach as well, over on Maple Ave. I guess you could say our house is modern- it’s colored concrete with bright blue siding… perhaps a little “smurfy” colored. Welcome to Miller!

    • millerbeachmodern February 16, 2012 at 10:48 AM #

      Thanks Tracey! Maple Ave., huh? You’re not the one at the top of the dune on the North side of the street are you?

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